Max Terhune

Even though his professional baseball career was brief, Max Terhune found greater success and stardom as a ventriloquist, entertainer, and actor in motion picture Westerns of the 1930s through the 1950s. Robert Max Terhune was born in a log cabin in Johnson County, Indiana, on February 12, 1891. He was the youngest of five childrenContinue reading “Max Terhune”

Orville Tipton

Lori Graham contacted me through the Kitty League Baseball Facebook page and asked for information about her great-grandfather, Orville Tipton. She knew he had played for Hopkinsville, Kentucky, though he lived in Indiana and Illinois. Orville Glen Tipton played two seasons in the Kitty League, 1913-1914. Born in Yale, Illinois, on 21 May 1891, heContinue reading “Orville Tipton”