Player Research

Occasionally, I receive requests on the Kitty League Baseball Facebook page from family members asking for information about a relative who may have played in the Kitty League. If I know a specific time period when they played, I can thumb through my copies of the Spalding and Reach Baseball Guides and try finding their names. Sometimes, it turns out that he played for a local semi-pro team rather than the local Kitty League club.

But when I find a player, I ask for any biographical information their descendant may have. The most useful are dates of birth (and death) and places. Sometimes they may also have photos of him as a player, his team, or snapshots made around the town where they played. Scrapbooks are wonderful to have access to as well.

One of my long-range goals is to publish a biographical directory of every Kitty League player, manager, and club owner between 1903 and 1955. Not only would it be enjoyable for the families of the players, it would also be beneficial for the minor-league research community. Many players played in multiple leagues over the course of their careers; perhaps I could share a tidbit of information that would help fellow researchers identify someone whose last name is the only thing known about a player.

I would encourage readers to contact me if they have biographical information about a former Kitty League player in their family.

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